Betwinner registration

Registering on some sites that operate outside of local rules can be like trying to navigate an obstacle course. With Betwinner it’s the exact opposite! This Cyprus-based platform accepts customers from many countries but does not allow you to register without using a VPN to overcome censorship that may occur in certain countries. The best explanation for using a VPN is on this site in our Guide to Access Problems.

Betwinner registration

The use of VPN will protect you from potential blockages of the site, will protect your privacy (providing anonymous surfing) and will protect data entering or leaving your PC or smartphone.

1 – Register an account

Once you’ve managed to open the official website, find the “Subscribe” button – a big yellow button in the upper right corner, next to the Betwinner LOGIN button. In order to place bets, redeem bonuses and withdraw money, you will need to create a personal account. So, feel free to immediately click on this button. Once done, a new page will open with an open “Registration” window with many fields. In the upper left corner, you will find the following text: REGISTER AND RECEIVE 100 EUR BONUS RIGHT NOW! It means that you will get a bonus after your registration, which you can try to redeem.

Let’s Registration on Betwinner now

 We recommend registration using the so-called VIA E-MAIL subscription option.

Now carefully fill out the registration form and do not forget that it is better for you to type truthful information. If you enter a false name and surname, you may have problems with withdrawing money and checking the account.

  • Field with the nation – Here you will have to choose your country of residence not of birth.
  • Password – Think of a complex password, which contains letters and numbers, obviously do not communicate your password to anyone.
  • Name – Write your first name exactly as reported by your ID.
  • Surname – Write your surname exactly as reported by your ID.
  • Currency – Choose your currency correctly because it will not be possible to change it in the future.
  • Email – Use a mailbox you can easily access, which will become your username on Betwinner.
  • Phone Number – Please enter a valid phone number as you may receive a confirmation text message if money is collected.
  • Promo Code (130SPORT) – To get a bonus of up to €130 instead of €100 the bookmaker offers default.

Once you have finished typing all the required information, check if you have entered everything correctly and before clicking on the registration button, it is better to read the Terms and Conditions of the company and tick the confirmation box.

Then, finally, press the “REGISTRATION” button!


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